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Portrait von Lisa Maria Graff

my story

Hey! My name is Lisa and I’m part of the creative-thinker-people-team – based in Graz (an awesome city in Austria, which is always worth a visit btw). I describe myself as an honest, open-minded and pretty communicative person, who is always eager to grow and widen her horizon. Currently i’m on my way to complete my masters degree in digital design after completing my last semester abroad in Budapest.

my passion(s)

As much as I love talking to people, getting to know their stories and maybe digging a bit in their minds and desires, I really enjoy creating designs, that I can hold in my hands afterwards and projects, where I can focus on it’s usability. Apart from that, you can find me hiking or skiing in the mountains, improving my yoga, enjoying quality time with friends or adoring the new baby leaf one of my self-bred plant has recently grown.

my philosophy

I am convinced, as long as you’re honest with yourself and your work you will get the results you aim for. I first of all put all my attention to the users needs and moreover try to fulfil every task with passion – you can call it a mission to always try to stay true to my (he)art.