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Since I am a big fan of the cold season of the year, I’m always interested in for instance how many vertical meters I have covered and what has been the fastest speed after a day of skiing. So as a passionate skier and designer it was just a matter of time until I tried to find a solution for my hobby.

Therefore I decided to create an app to support winter sportspeople on their day of skiing, snowboarding or skitour. With this application they can not only observe their sportive data live, but also save them and see their results in a chart. In addition there’s an interactive map available, which can be sorted by the users needs, so that they can orientate on the ski area they’re currently located on and for example navigate easy to the next restaurant or toilet facilities.

The design process for the user interface of this app looked like this:

  1. research of currently available apps in this field
  2. user research and definition of the problem
  3. scribbles for the interaction and the structure
  4. digital prototype in adobe xd
  5. usability tests and adaptions as necessary


user interface design


february 2020


winter vacation 2019, saalbach, austria

appdesign screens
appdesign screens
appdesign skitracker