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To make a contribution to the environmental protection, two animal lovers from Salzburg decided to invent and produce vegan dog food. This does not only contain the same amount of nutrients as conventional food, but it is also higher in quality and helps to reduce meat production on our planet. 

In order to bring their dog food on the market these products were in need of a whole visual identity treatment – starting with the name and a logo, but also package design for the three different types of products they offer and ending with posters and a social media campaign.

Therefore I created a branding for the fictional business called „treat me veggie“ in an iterative design process. This included a deep research to understand the business, its users and the brand and offered me a lot of room for feedback and the possibility to adapt and improve in every step.

If you’re interested in getting more insight on outcome of this project, you can download the final presentation (in German) including a stylescape here:


corporate design


september 2020 – january 2021


paw yeah!

treatmeveggie branding sujets
treatmeveggie scribbles logo
treatmeveggie branding
treatmeveggie branding sujet 1
treatmeveggie branding sujet 2
treatmeveggie branding sujet 3
treatmeveggie branding socialmedia
treatmeveggie branding socialmedia
treatmeveggie branding poster