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– inhale –

Yoga your home is the only yoga studio in Vienna, where you can relax your body and mind, but are also able to bring this calming atmosphere in your home. After taking part in one of the different kind of yoga courses you can acquire sport or living related accessories to support your yoga mindset and practice in your privat place.

With this fictional company a group of four design students defined not only its business and values, but especially the outward appearance and ways of communication – including colours, images, typography, a lot of print products, package design, web precense and marketing strategies. 

As a team we went through the whole design process to get from personas to a detailed branding. My design fingerprint is strongly recognisable in the logo, a lot of the design elements, the business cards, stationaries and most of all in the webdesign, as these parts were in my custody.

– aaand exhale – namasté!

And if you’re interested in getting an insight on the whole outcome of this group project, you can download the brandbook (in German) here:


branding, webdesign


dezember 2020 / january 2021


breathing exercises included in final presentation

yoga your home branding
yoga your home branding scribbles
yoga your home business cards
yoga your home stationary
yoga your home website
yoga your home website
yoga your home website
yoga your home website